Approved Smokeless Briquettes


Excel Briquettes

Excel is a DEFRA approved fuel, authorised by government for use in smoke control zones across the UK. It is HETAS approved for Open Fires and Closed Appliances. Excel is a low ash, high heat, versatile and robust ovoid. Easy to light, long lasting with a powerful radiant heat, Excel has been a firm favourite with Consumers and Coal Merchants for over 20 years. If you’ve a multi-fuel stove or an open fire, or indeed you’re a canal boat enthusiast, this is your fuel of choice!


Newheat Briquettes

Originally designed for use as a stove (closed appliance) fuel, this ovoid has been modified slightly to perform equally as well on an open fire. DEFRA and HETAS approved, this briquettes performance is the reason why it’s the UK’s fasted growing product in the Manufactured Smokeless Fuels sector. Coal Merchants will enjoy it’s robust shape, free of degradation, Consumers will love the low ash, high heat a versatility. Winter days and nights are so much cosier with Newheat!