Oxbow Coal Ltd provides a diverse line of products, backed by expert technical support and knowledgeable customer service. Our philosophy is that the most effective way to earn a customer’s trust and loyalty is through the superior performance of our products as well as the energy and talent of our people.

Situated near the famous Port of Immingham, Oxbow Coal Ltd has been marketing and distributing coal and carbon products since 1989 under the name SSM. In 2014, Oxbow purchased Eldon Colliery Ltd, adding a large and diversified briquetting operation to the core talent of this coal and carbon business. ECL was originally founded in 1993 as a family business. Their proactive, individualized approach to customer support and supply provided the backbone for adding near smokeless, finished briquettes to the Oxbow product line.

The combination of Oxbow Coal Ltd's distribution chain and Eldon Colliery Ltd's production capabilities have greatly benefited from being part of Oxbow’s global operations and vast distribution network. Oxbow Carbon LLC is one of the world’s leading producers and distributors of a diversified portfolio of carbon-related products, including activated carbon, calcined coke, fuel grade petroleum coke and anthracite as well as sulphur, steam and coking coal, metcoke, sulphuric acid and fertilizers. Oxbow’s scale, expertise, and leading market positions have allowed it to create a powerful global sourcing platform with superior market intelligence and longstanding relationships with many of its key customers.

As “Oxbow Coal” we continue to refine our product offerings while focusing, first and foremost, on addressing the stringent requirements and business needs of our customer base. By combining world-class industry knowledge, a customer-driven distribution network, and quality products without compromise, Oxbow Coal has the ideal components to achieve our customer’s individual needs. This is only possible through our incredible staff and employees who are dedicated to making a quality product and delivering impeccable service.