High Quality Briquettes


Glow Briquettes

Non-authorised Glow is an excellent substitute for Excel at a lower cost.
Has all the burning characteristics of Excel but at a much reduced price.

In an effort to produce a high quality fuel at competitive prices Oxbow have sought to replicate Excel but without seeking approval from HETAS or meeting the needs of smoke control legislation both of which considerably add to the cost of production.

This has allowed many consumers of Glow who aren't hamstrung by the requirements of living inside a smoke control zone to burn a high performing, low ash product at very competitive prices.


Red Briquettes

Produced to provide the market with as economical a fuel as possible, the price and the burning characteristics of Red have proved to be hugely popular. As with Glow, this is NOT a fuel which is approved by HETAS or for use in smoke control zones.
However, it would be a mistake to confuse its economical pricing with lack of performance. Once again this a very effective high heat, low ash ovoid that contains a small amount of traditional house coal which helps to assist with its easy lighting nature and attractive flame pattern.
Our biggest selling fuel by some distance and virtually an overnight success story.