Approved Smokeless Briquettes


Excel Briquettes

Our premium approved smokeless Excel product.
Excel is a fully approved briquette which is authorised for use in smoke control areas as well as being officially recognised by HETAS, the official body authorised by government to approve stoves and fuels.
Suitable for open fires, multi fuel stoves and closed appliances with high heat output, low ash content, easy lighting, and controllability Excel is a versatile fuel that has been an established favourite in the market place for over 20 years.


Newheat Briquettes

Top quality approved smokeless Newheat.
Originally designed for use as a stove (closed appliance) fuel many customers have also found that it can also be used effectively on the open fire as well.
It too is authorised for use in smoke control zones and is HETAS approved for both open fires and closed appliances. It has a fast growing band of followers as coal merchants throughout the country latch on to the benefits of stocking Newheat.
Consistent positive feedback from consumers about its low ash content being a regular comment.